We at PFD Group are a dedicated team focused on helping you and your business achieve long-term success based on rigorous strategic planning and execution.  We have the talent and track record to make a profound and lasting impact on your organization. We will listen carefully to you and make sure we fully understand your unique requirements.

Our approach to engagements is unique: we only select clients where we feel confident in producing lasting results. The majority of our professional fee structure is tied to you achieving the goals you desire.  We only succeed when you succeed.

Our process:

  1. Confidential phone call or in person meeting.  Establish clear understanding of opportunity, resources and timeline.
  2. Develop outline for initial paid strategy session and success criteria.
  3. Develop and launch execution plan.

Our expertise:

PFD Group excels at providing high-level coaching, strategic support and flawless execution to start up businesses, growing companies (including the buying, selling and merger of companies) and senior level executives.

Core Values:

Through our client engagements and previous senior leadership roles we have found a high correlation between clearly defined values and company performance.

1. Client value – we carefully select our clients and team members to ensure a strong fit and lasting impact.

2. Service – we love to serve our clients and our communities.

3. Communication – no surprises. We pride ourselves on straight communication and quickly uncovering the opportunities that will make a difference.

4. Team – we all have our strengths and blind spots. By working together we can drive a better outcome through a commitment to individual and team.

5. Confidentiality – given the nature of our client relationships.