Convert Plans Into Action and Impact - PFD Group

We are six weeks into 2012…where are you with your strategic plan?  Do you feel like your entire team has signed off on it.  Is it working? How do you know? Does your personal plan still inspire you?

These are questions we frequently help our clients with and this blog post will focus on some of the best practices we recommend:

1. Keep your 2012 plan fresh and relevant.  Have a one-page version printed where you and your team can see it on a daily basis.  Use your plan to frame the agenda for your weekly leadership team meetings.

2. Track the metrics that support your plan. Share the scorecard with your team and ensure that everyone is held accountable. 

3. Review your assumptions and lessons learned.  Where is the market validating your assumptions?  Where do you need more time?  Where do you need to refine your approach?

4. Use virtual tools to create action / implementation plans. Smartsheet is a tool we use internally to share project plans with our team and clients.  You can log on from any browser, easily collaborate on projects and the software automatically emails users updates made on their projects. Click the Smartsheet link below to create your own account today. 

5. Celebrate early wins, recognize key players and acknowledge company successes.

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