Kick Off Your 2014 Strategic Planning Now - PFD Group

Now is a great time to finalize your plans for 2014.

Like many companies, you are probably facing growth opportunities in several areas of your business. Yet, the economy is uncertain. Where should you focus your resources? How can you get your leadership team on one page to execute the vision efficiently?

In our experience, the following process has proven helpful:

1. Review your core values. Have they become a checklist for how you run your company?

2. Do you have the right people in the right roles on your team?

3. Where does your team see the growth opportunities?

4. What important feedback are you not getting from your team? From your customers?

We have found this fourth topic – internal and external feedback to be a critical area for growth. Having team alignment reduces the need to make assumptions that are not validated by the market.

The best strategic plans are focused and designed with execution in mind. They support team alignment and accountability. We have developed a facilitated process that creates a two page business plan that is readily implementable.

We have also developed a three week process that maximizes the time of the leadership team:

1. Week one – confidential interviews of leadership team. Develop ideas to validate with customer / external stakeholder survey

2. Week two – send out customer / external stakeholder survey.

3. Week three – compile and share feedback from the survey. Half day to full day offsite facilitated strategic planning session. The facilitation is helpful to allow the senior team to be present and engage in the session while not having to be distracted by the logistics of running it.

If you would like to talk more about the benefits of using this three week process and how it could help your organization please call Ethan Martin at 720-295-4888.

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