Zingerman's Workshop:

When you take time off from client work and attend workshops and invest in learning best practices, you always have to ask yourself what it is you walk away with. The ZingTrain workshop is one that I would attend over and over again. It was hosted by Zingerman's - a company that began as a deli, and has since grown into an incredible organization that spans into several industries. Why is Zingerman's so special? They have a world-class leadership and visioning strategies, and they generously share the secrets to their success. It was perfect for learning how to reinforce that all stakeholders should be engaged in all change, and how this change has to be communicated to the expanding team. Their creative approach to explaining their Vision Process helped me walk away with an amazing new approach to creating a Vision Plan. I had a great opportunity to attend a Coaches session with a room full of incredible power thinkers. The two-day session helped me gain valuable perspective, and I can’t wait to share it with my own clients. Zingerman's ideas on visioning and leadership are valuable in helping a company scale, and they are complimentary to our Scaling Up and 3HAG IP.

Zingerman’s offer a great series of books you can learn about and purchase here

The ZingTrain Workshops are perfect for your company and leadership teams. Learn how to attend their next session here.