Core Values: Client Value

Client value is all about our clients getting a great return on their investment. Not only financially, but with the time we spend together. Time is one of our most precious and limited resources, and one of the few things we can’t make more of. One of the great outcomes that we see with our clients, and our coaching work specifically, is it frees up time for them to work strategically on the business. It allows their teams to execute so much better, which ultimately gives them more time to be with customers, to be with family and the make time for the other areas of their life that are really important.

A Holistic Approach

As entrepreneurs, we naturally come from an abundance mindset where anything is possible. However, there are two exceptions to that; Time and Energy. Time is finite, and we must be good stewards of our time as well as the time of our team’s time. The second is energy levels, and we as leaders are all wired with different gifts and strengths. This is true of the things that give us energy as well as the things that rob us of our energy. We spend a lot of time helping CEOs build their senior teams, so their leaders are clear on their strengths and are in roles that really leverage their strengths.

What approaches have you found to best recognize your team?