The Challenge

Bella has expanded the reach of her family’s luxury chocolate business from Austria to San Diego, CA. Her company, Dallmann Confections, has been twice voted “Best of San Diego”. Bella was in the midst of evaluating several different growth opportunities, but she was not sure the best path to take to grow her company and needed a way to prioritize all of her different opportunities. She wanted the company’s growth plan to create significant value for her family and to align with her personal and professional values.

Solution Implementation

PFD Group facilitated a daylong strategic review of Dallmann Confections and created a comprehensive operational plan for Bella. PFD also generated a detailed financial tool to model the business operation and ensure continued profitable growth and excellent customer service. The unique benefits Bella received include a clear understanding of the different growth levers for her business and the knowledge to “work on” instead of just “work in” her business. Bella has developed a clear vision for an advisory board and identified the industry leaders and mentors who could make a transformational impact on her company.

The Results

Bella was able to clearly focus her time on the areas of her business that will create maximum long-term value and continued success. She has since trained her team to take on roles of increasing responsibility, which has laid the foundation for several major, new customer accounts.

Client Feedback

“Working with the PFD team was a real eye opener. They were able to quickly understand the unique needs of my business and my own values as the business owner. Ethan created immediate value for my company and helped uncover significant medium term opportunities for us.”
-Bella Valencia, Owner & CEO Dallmann Confections