The Challenge:  AppIt Ventures developed an innovative concept for application development.  They leverage their mobile development and business expertise to invest in their client’s app ideas.  There is significant demand for their model and they are quickly growing their team and customer base.  (Read more)


The Challenge:  Bella has expanded the reach of her family’s luxury chocolate business from Austria to San Diego, CA. Her company, Dallmann Confections, has been twice voted “Best of San Diego”. Bella was in the midst of evaluating several different growth opportunities, but she was not sure the best path to take to grow her company and needed a way to prioritize all of her different opportunities.  (Read more)



The Challenge:  Clotho Business Solutions, a high-growth, web development company required talented individuals who could thrive in their unique culture. The position they were looking to create was a critical role for the company and the management team was focused on other high priority goals. (Read more)


 The Challenge:  Barrington Irving grew up in inner city Miami, and as a college student had a vision to fly solo around the world in hopes of inspiring other inner city kids to dream big. There were just a couple of problems: he had no plane, merely 600 hours of flight time and no money. While the flight would break records, the challenges to get the effort off the ground were significant. (Read more)